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Change the layout of the rooms on your property or add to its beauty with a few interior architectural features by investing in a professional drywall service! Turn to Palacios Drywall LLC and let our capable team carry out your plans at fair and competitive rates. We are proud to offer quality services to commercial and residential clients throughout Everett, WA, so keep reading to find out more!

Available Services

Drywall Services

Drywall Services
We can offer a comprehensive drywall hole repair service. This commonly includes procedures such as patching and we deliver seamless results. If your drywall sustained water damage, we can replace entire panels. Count on us for lasting quality!

Drywall Framing and Installation

Drywall Framing and Installation
Using top-grade materials and precise measurements, we can set up durable and sturdy drywall framing. Once this is done, we can install new drywall panels of any type. Our drywall installation work is comprehensive and includes detailed finishing procedures.

Drywall Taping

Drywall Taping
Once the drywall has been installed, we will tape up the visible joints to add to the drywall's strength and durability. Additionally, this is a preparation step that precedes drywall mudding or plastering, which is an important finishing procedure.

Drywall Primer and Texture Application

Drywall Primer and Texture Application
We can apply high-quality primer, which is a type of paint that's designed to adhere well and create a flat and smooth surface. This allows us to implement any type of drywall texture that our clients' choose for their property.

Interior Painting

Interior Painting
We can paint newly-built walls or repaint over faded colors. We always do excellent prep work to ensure a smooth and clean surface that will take in the paint properly. Following our clients' preferred color choices, we deliver impeccable results!

Remodeling Services

Remodeling Services
We excel at performing a wide range of tasks needed for successful commercial and residential remodeling. Our company can work on all the stages of the project, from planning through construction to applying the finishing touches. Quality is guaranteed!

Make Valuable Improvements to Your Property

Drywall Hole Repair in Everett, WA

There are many amazing improvements that can be made with the assistance of a professional drywall contractor! To begin with, you can create an entirely new layout of rooms to make your home or office more functional and better suited to your needs. Here at Palacios Drywall LLC, we are happy to talk to our clients about their upcoming projects and discuss all the options. Our goal is to fully define the project parameters and implement changes that will boost the appeal, functionality, and overall value of our client’s property. We work according to modern industry standards and deliver results that are up to code and meet our clients’ expectations.

Our Methods

Professional Drywall Installation in Everett, WA

We have the necessary tools and cutting-edge equipment for professional drywall installation, remodeling, painting, and all other types of projects. Our crew is punctual, friendly, and respectful of the client’s property. We follow time-tested working methods and always utilize top-grade materials. Although we’re very detail-oriented, we are also efficient and will complete all tasks in a timely fashion.

Drywall Repair Specialist in Everett, WA

Book an appointment with Palacios Drywall LLC directly and place your project in the hands of one of the preferred drywall installation companies around. We always look forward to doing a great job for clients throughout Everett, WA. Contact us today!

Client’s Testimonial

by Valerie Henson on Palacios Drywall LLC
Amazing results!

One of the finest drywall installation companies in the area! I always wanted a walk-in closet and the bedroom in my new house was big enough to get one installed. These professionals listened to my ideas and sectioned off part of the room with drywall to create a walk-in closet. It looks better than I pictured and has plenty of space for all my shoes and clothes. I highly recommend these experts!

Palacios Drywall LLC
Address: Everett, WA 98203
Phone: (425) 364-4930

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Jayde Cameron
Jayde Cameron
Skilled drywall contractor! I am amazed by the quality of their work, knows what they are doing and gets the job on time. Recommended

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